Wacky Wealth

Theatre III – Cocoonianity

If you’re new to this blog you’ve jumped smack into “Harlem Meets Mayberry:  Black Reality, White Reality and the Way to Racial Healing.”  We’re in Part III, which is Cocoonianity (a.k.a. Taking Whitey to the Woodshed).  Part I was Brace Yourself and Part II was Hard Racial Truth.  Feel free to backtrack!

In the DAR world, wealth has an entirely different meaning than in the rest of the world.  The whole previous chapter was merely a necessary set-up for the unveiling of this definition.  Why?  Because once we understand the DAR definition of wealth we will begin to see how much firepower is on standby to be used in the War on RD, and we will be awestruck by the sight.

To the DAR, wealth means “having enough provisions to fulfill a divine mission.”  DARs do not measure wealth in any other way.  Wealth is measured only in terms of having the provisions to accomplish those things which they believe God has called them to accomplish.  DARS may allow themselves almost any material possession or luxury, but they always strive to be carried along in their financial conduct by the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit only.  To them, the Christian cliché “Everything I have belongs to the Lord” is not a cliché but a way of life.  DARs are virtually impervious to worldly thinking about money, and because of this, DARs are an irresistible force for good.

Because they strive to be constantly in step with the Holy Spirit (Gal. 5:25), DARS are always on the lookout for two things in particular:

  • Instructions from God regarding money.
  • Good soil in which to “plant” their money.

When excellence— creativity, initiative and discipline—is properly provisioned, the sky is the limit.  And when excellence is properly provisioned and combined with Holy Spirit Horsepower, it cannot be defeated.  This—provisions to invest in excellence–is what DARs bring to the War on RD.

Finally we are ready to exit the Cocoonianity Theatre of the War on RD—the “milk” theatre of our battle plan—and move on to the “solid food” theatres of Black Fatherlessness and Red Word Deficiency (Heb. 5:14).  The going is about to get tougher.  The stakes will be higher and the questions will be more intense, but please trust that we will be advancing toward victory!

As we make this transition, if you are not already a DAR, I invite you to become an honorary DAR for the remainder of the book.  As you read, imagine that you are willing to use your money in any way the Holy Spirit asks you to use it.  Think about the many thousands of Americans who are already DARs and the countless dollars at their disposal.  These DARs are in constant search of good soil in which to plant their staggering reserves of seed.  Think about what constitutes good soil (hint:  It is always rich in two ingredients—gratitude and humility).  Most importantly, strive to read in step with the Holy Spirit and listen constantly for his input.  “If today you hear his voice, keep your heart soft (Heb. 3:15).”

Be street smart yet harmless.  Peace.


Tommy Libre

Thomas P. Scribbins, a.k.a. Tommy Libré, is an inspirational writer and businessman living in what Mayberry calls “Hotlanta” and Harlem calls “The A.T.L.” A former engineer and roofing contractor who has worked his way down the ladder, he is married to Kathy—his “Trophy Babe” for the past 37 years—and has three grown sons. Harlem Meets Mayberry will be published around Christmas by Xulon Press. After that, Tommy will turn some of his attention to his next book—“Code Red Christianity”—and some to his lifetime dream, which is to open a substance-conquest ministry called Ugly Orphans. At Ugly Orphans, the cool softball T-shirts will be just the beginning of the fun. WooHoo!