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There is no God! (Caddyshack)

Slovenly laborer Carl Spackler (Bill Murray) is on the back patio of the clubhouse, whacking flowers with a hoe and delivering his immortal “Cinderella Boy” monologue. Ominous clouds are moving in. The judge marches by and demands that Carl carry his golf bag so that he can “get in nine holes before this rain moves in,” concluding his order with a brisk, “Chop-chop!”
Like a scolded puppy, Carl falls in step behind the bishop, and off they go. As the round of golf proceeds, the storm intensifies. Enjoying unusually good fortune, the bishop is blinded to the danger by his conviction that, “Surely the Good Lord would never disrupt the best game of my life!”
Oblivious to the fact that the course has long since been evacuated, the two begin a dramatic climb toward the final hole. As the orchestral soundtrack reaches a thrilling orchestral crescendo and the storm reaches hurricane intensity, they arrive at the final green.
The bishop putts. The ball hydroplanes across the green. Closer, then closer still, the ball approaches the cup…and rolls right over it! His hopes of a club record crushed, the bishop raises one arm toward the black sky.  Continue reading